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Sulaiman The WordSmith

Sulaiman (pronounced Su-Lay-Mon) is a Hip-Hop Artists best known by his stage name "Sulaiman The WordSmith".

Sulaiman burst into the music scene in 2006. Although he had opportunities to pursue entertainment at an earlier age he turned down those offers to pursue Web site Design. As a poet Sulaiman began performing in his home town of Detroit Michigan where he became known for his soulful inclusion of spirituality into his social-political poems.

Early & Personal Life

Born in 1971 as Eric in Michigan with a parent that is a jazz artist. During his early childhood years Sulaiman was also diagnosed with a learning difference. When Sulaiman talks about that part of his life he often explains:

"I would read sentences backwards and read lips to understand what people were saying. But there was nothing really wrong with me. There are lots of countries that read and write from right to left instead of left to right. And, if I could still read lips no body would whisper a secret around me. I just had to learn how to be proficient with English."


During his first year of High School Sulaiman was exposed to Islam by a history teacher at Davis Aerospace Technical High School in Detroit Michigan. A few years after completing his primary education Sulaiman began studying Islam and took the Islamic Oath of Faith (Shahada) at the age of 19. Subsequently he changed his name from Eric to Sulaiman which means peace and leadership. The name Sulaiman is also commonly referenced to as the biblical person King Solomon.

Personal quote: "Islam has been a learning mission and personal triumph. When a person stops learning there nothing left to do but die."

Entertainment Career

Sulaiman's inspiration to start singing came from his desire to be a more articulate speaker which was impaired by a childhood speech difference. In regards to this challenge he is quoted as saying:

"Although I dealt with with that issue as a child as an adult I still felt that I had a few areas that needed work. So I took singing lessons to help articulate my words. Hip-Hop artist have to articulate their words to be good rappers. Hip-Hop has helped tremendously in that area. I should have got into Hip-Hop earlier on. So when I was introduced to Jay Burns, my vocal coach & personal manager, I was not going to miss Allah's calling a second time." I started taking Voice & Piano lessons and have been writing and performing music ever since.

In the summer of 2010 The WordSmith made his original debut release with two Hip-Hop singles: BLAST THE DEVIL BACK and THE DAY. While Blast the Devil Back catches audiences with militant lyrics like "Drop a Clip in the Glock / Blast The Blue Back / Blast The Devil Back", The Day subdues listeners with a deep mellow to raspy voice of love & inspiration. Blast The Devil Back is produced by Nick Speed. The Day is produced by BlackMan. Both singles earned critical acclaim and some scarf for this WordSmith's catchy and controversial style of writing and delivery. In 2003 both songs were re-recorded and re-released with better audio quality. In 2013 Sulaiman also produced his first beat for the song "The Dynamic Sounds of Sulaiman". The Dynamic Sounds of Sulaiman is a short song that is the first audio listeners will hear when they visit Sulaiman's web site Sulaiman's entertainment credits also include playing the piano, guitar, studying theater at the renowned Detroit Repertory Theater, and other theatric appearances.


  1. Music & Poetry
    1. Music Singles
      1. The Day (2013)
      2. The Dynamic Sounds of Sulaiman (2013)
    2. Spoken Word
    3. Album
  1. Theatre
    1. Plays
      1. Listening Between The Lines (A play by Crystal Brock) (2011)
      2. The Sign in Sidney Brustien's Window (by Lorraine Hansberry) (2010)
      3. Les Blances (by Lorraine Hansberry) (2010)
    1. Video
      1. Short Film
        1. Listening Between The Lines (2011)
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